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A Note to Echo users

Owners of Amazon Echos may be tempted to use them to listen to the podcasts, and indeed, if you say, “Alexa, play the Midland Park Gospel Hall podcast,” it will play the latest episode.

However, Alexa offers little control over the current episode, and no way to choose which episode to listen to.

Until Amazon offers a better way to interact with podcasts, we recommend using a podcast app on your phone or tablet to choose and control an episode, and streaming the sound to a speaker (which could be your Echo).

We have not tried the Google Home or Apple HomePod devices, but the results are likely to be similar. The podcast aggregator for Google Home is Google Play; for the HomePod, it’s iTunes; and for the Echo, Amazon uses tunein. All three aggregators carry our feed, so all three devices should recognize the term “midland park gospel hall podcast.”

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